Sunday, April 8, 2012

Unsolved Mystery...SOLVED?

 Last week I was searching up a case from unsolved mystery, the TV show.
Any one who watched the show back in the days will be familiar with Curtis Croft.

If you haven't heard the story, read here: Sixteen-year-old Jenny Pratt was riding on the back of the motorcycle of her boyfriend Curtis Croft when she was struck up the side of her head by a 2x4 from the riders of a truck that drove past them at a stoplight. After Curtis was erroneous about several aspects of the case, investigation started to reveal that the attack might have been directed at Curtis, believed involved in drug deals, but he has not been forthwith on more details on the attackers. Even a recreation of the attack revealed that he had enough time to see the attackers, but he maintains he did not see the passengers of the other vehicle. although Jenny survived her ordeal, she came out of it following a coma and acute brain damage with little memory of the attack.

Full story and details HERE

In this video, the real Curtis Croft looks like he is acting in an moronic behavior and making all sorts of weird noises. I am told the spasms that he does are intentionally made to make people laugh.

We rate this video a 6/10

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