Thursday, May 17, 2012

iPad 2 jailbreak Update!

First off apple released a new minor firmware, 5.1.1, you do not really need this and there's not really any improvements. DO NOT UPDATE. But if you did there might be some luck for you. You will need to wait until the jailbreak for 5.1 in released.

The reason i telling you not to update is just to keep you on the safe side. I don't was you being in the same position i was in a few months back, it sucks!
Pod2g tweeted today that the ipad 2 and 3 are fully jailbroken untethered and he is now testing it. Later on that day, pod2g said everything is running smoothly and now he will be developing a user friends tool to jailbreak all device. A tool like this can take a week or 2 to make and needs to be tested for proper use.

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