Sunday, June 17, 2012

iOS 6 Features Best of Them All - Including 3D Maps, New Siri and Phone app!

Apple recently released a beta of iOS 6 last week at WWDC. This is only for developers so they can get a feel on it. I tried it on my iphone 4S, let me be the one to tell you its 10 times better than any ios apple has ever released.

 Here are the a few of the features that are most noticeable.

- Siri Upgrade: Siri was a big part of the iphone 4S, Some only bought the product for Siri. Now with IOS 6, Siri has a lot more great features including language recognition and multiple voices such as a man. Siri will also be coming to iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4. They do require connection at all time.

- Facebook Integration: Since IOS 5 came with a built in twitter integration, it just wouldn't make sense if there was no Facebook integration. You can now upload photos from your camera roll directly into your Facebook account with 1 touch.

-Phone: The iPhone phone app has been updated to a more appealing interface. with all new features such as being able to block callers or changing the ringtone for an individual caller or callers. Of course this will only be available for all iPhone devices, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s.

-Facetime: Facetime was always the apple way of calling but it did lack a few features. Apple has now added the ability to call via Cellular Data. This will be available on all Devices.

-Maps: In IOS 5 and all other firmwares, Google maps was the official map application for your device. Now apple has discarded the Google maps app and decided to go their own route. This new maps app by apple is featuring 3D maps viewing around all major cities. They have included turn by turn navigation which works better than my $200 GPS.

There are many more features but I will have to try them out before I tell you about them.
Apple has claimed there are over 200 new features IOS 6 and will be the most advanced mobile software in history. IOS 6 will be set to release in a month from now. Stay tuned.

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