Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strang News About Avatar 2 - A Talk With James Cameron

Last week at WWDC James Cameron ( The Director of avatar and the upcoming avatar 2) shed a little light on the back story of the new film Avatar 2. Some of the info he gave us was strange and shocking in a good way. It made us more eager to see this new release. Unfortunately it will not be coming out anytime soon so don't hold your breath.

I'll try to explain what James said as best as I can.
The legendary director began talking about the high budget of the film being DOUBLE as much as Avatar. When we asked him about the story he said "Most of the characters you've seen in the first Avatar will not appear in the second film of the series". When asked about the Stars playing in the feature film he told us  Robert Downey Jr.will be one one of the star as well as actress Natalie Portman.

Finally we asked if there was an estimated date on the Avatar 2 trailer, he told us we should be expecting it by late 2012. He also mentioned the film would be released between July and September in 2015.
This is not a EXACT certain date but that is what he has in mind. Who knows, he might release it earlier or if he feels that it needs more time he will release it later. Whenever it gets released we all know it will be the highest grossing film on cinema history and will be one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters.

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