Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tyler The Creator Beef With Drake - Interview With Tyler The Creator

Tyler the creator recently had some hidden anger unleashed on the rapper/singer Drake. Tyler and his gang also known as the Wolfgang or Odd Future told ViralTNT that Drake really "pissed me off" and would love to "Kick the sh!t out of him"!
the teen idol drake responded to this in a kindly manor. "he must of got the wrong guy, im no kind of fighter. I only defend my self when haters do what they do best. Hate." The feud started when Tyler the creator saw the fight between Chris brown and Drake at a club. As for the "Tyler the Creator disses Drake". No diss track was made by Tyler yet but soon to be as we are told.

ViralTNT: So what made you get mad about that fight between drake and Chris Brown?

Tyler The Creator: Yo, when i was watching that sh!t bro. I was like, drakes a lil b!tch man, then when he came up on TMZ sayin he was attacked really pushed my buttons man.

ViralTNT: How do you respond to what drake said about you. Calling you a hater.

Tyler The Creator: If drake wants to call me a hater, id like to see him say it to my face. I guarantee him he wont be calling anyone a hater for a while.

ViralTNT: sound like he'll get the message then.

Tyler The Creator: Hell ya, then ill get earl to sh!t on his face (laughter)

ViralTNT: I thought you said hes already full of sh!t?

Tyler The Creator: (more laughter) you on it man, that's right!

After a fun interview with Tyler the creator and his odd future group, we decided it was time to get to the bottom of this. I decided to contact Drake again to get his response... Drake responded with "i don't got time to deal with this non sense those kids are playing. We will see what transpires.

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  1. lol fantastic, realistic interview and great sources lmao