Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Man arrested for hacking into voice mails

On Monday, a 34 year old man was arrested and pulled out of his home abruptly. The reason, he hacked into Governor Robert Bentley's cell phone voice mail. The man was arrested and taken into custody. He is now awaiting trial.

Robert Bentley was getting phone calls at 10:45 AM and decided not to pick them up. Robert thought nothing of the calls. That was until he checked his voice mail. All messages were deleted and Roberts greeting was changes into gross message by the hacker. Robert hasn't told us what the message said but it was in a " disgusting manor".

The hacker was known to have hacked over 30 mobile phones. He told state police that an exploit in Verizon networks with Blackberry phones makes it easier to access voice mails. Hopefully Verizon can fix this. A lot of us are using their network and would hate for that to happen to us. Blackberry also needs to get this straighten out as soon as possible.

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