Monday, July 23, 2012

The Genius Mind of the week - James Holmes

You might agree with this or hate this. It will for sure be controversial. I read about this man a lot in the last few days, and I spent lots of time thinking about what makes this man a genius. His name is James Holmes. Also Known as "The Dark Knight Shooter". Yes, he is a scum bag and and deserves to be put to death. He caused a lot of grief to families and broke shed grief all over the nation. But in his mugshot, he was smiling, Why?

James went to the University of California Riverside and graduated with a bachelors in neuroscience. This man had lots of friends and clearly was a really smart kid. James booby-trapped his apartment with 30 explosives, cops almost gave up trying to defuse them. The bomb squad tried for hours before they could get to a bomb without setting all of them off. Thank god it didn't go off, all those peoples belongings in that building would of been lost.

An average man couldn't set those kind of things up. This man was not only sick in the head, but he was an evil genius. You can deny it all you want, the evidence is there. A guy like doesn't simply snap just because he was angry about something. James saw something, something that made him twist his life around and go haywire. He will always be known as the man who terrorized Colorado. And he will also be known as a disturbed genius who had unlimited potential to do good, but chose no to.

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