Thursday, July 19, 2012

Viral Video: Revolutionary soft-body physics in CryEngine3

I would say this video is quite revolutionary. Have you ever seen car crashes like this in video games? GTA had something similar but not up to par with what you see in the video. this are 100 percent physics based running at 100 frames per second! The creators of this video responded to the spring effects of the car, "If things seem too bouncy, please remember we're using real life spring and damper rates, and it probably looks wrong because nobody ever does anything this extreme with a real car". You can watch the official video here:
This is really impressive, to be able to catch realism like this in a game. Cryengine 3 is now available for developers to be in fact. I wouldn't recommend it for consumers though. Cryengine 3 takes a lot of time to master and to be able to make car crashes like that. This video was by a company named BeamNG, the minds behind the game Rigs and Rods. BeamNG is the holy grail of car physics as you can tell.

Rigs and Rods was a small game BeamNG created a while back. Sort of the same physics you see in the video are in that game, just not as good and the graphics are very outdated. The game is still fun to play, you should try it out here:

BeamNG responded to a question last week about getting a demo to try out. BeamNG responded in the best way they could. "We are working to make that happen". That's some big news for anyone thats interested in trying this out! I know i am.

On July 7th BeamNG released a second video! In this video there were tons of improvements. Featuring new cars, intervehicle collision, deformable objects, breaking glass, improvements. They will also be adding light particles on the way too! Leaving us with the question, how good can this get?
Here is the second video:

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