Thursday, July 26, 2012

Viral Video - Skate park fight old man fighting kids

This video is starting to blow up. The more people that watch this, the better. People need to be aware of what happens in this video. I 40 year old man pushes a kid just for skateboarding in a skate park! Whats the logic behind that? Then then man who helped build the skateboard tries to talk some sense, and gets his skateboard thrown then gets choked.


There was no reason for the anger of the security guards, It's a skate park, what do you expect is going to happen. The youngest kid that was pushed in the video was only 15. You could see the anger on the kids face, he was about to strike the man down. The other man who claims he helped create the skate park also helped calm down the other skaters who were about to beat down the security guard. The video is below:

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