Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wii u controller redesigned - "not comfortable"

The Wii U that was set to launch in late 2012 may be delayed due to controller issues. Nintendo brought in a couple of game testers to feel the control and test out gameplay with the prototype controller. 7/10 testers found that the controller felt "uncomfortable".

Nintendo decided they can quickly move a few Buttons around and change the layout. Nintendo's message is clear when creating a controller. They want originality and they don't want a controller that is out dated.

The second model of the Wii U controller was made and took the same layout as the Xbox 360. The layout included thumb sticks on the top left and bottom right of the controller, right and left bumpers and triggers. Nintendo later scraped it.

The Wii U finally got an third model of the controller, which looks like it might be the final prototype. The thumb sticks are still the same. But instead of he Xbox looking triggers, the controller with have those similar to the GameCube controller. As well as the four buttons (Y,X,A,B), the same layout as the GameCube controller will be used their as well.

The controller is looking very sleek and stylish. Nothing like any other controller Nintendo has made, but has the best features from all. Nintendo reported that this will not be a huge delay, only a month or two. The set release date is late 2012.

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