Wednesday, August 1, 2012

3 ways to make your YouTube video go viral

Use your pets

It could be your dog, cat, or even bird. Film your pet doing something, add a little bit of music to the clip and your all set. There's one trick that I can guarantee will make your video go viral, make your pet wear an outfit. Everyone will share that video around, next thing you know your video is blowing up! Make sure your pet is clean and cute to look at, a puppy or baby kitten will work best.

Use your kids

Your kids are the easiest key to making a viral. No one will give up the opportunity to see something cute. Dressing up your kid in something ridiculous will increase the views by 30 percent. Film your kid saying something completely outrages. An even easier way to get viral is filming your pet along with your kid. make sure nothing too crazy happens, you don't want to be know as bad parent. And don't feel ashamed putting your kid on the internet, your kid will thank you when hes older.

Hurt yourself

Who wouldn't want to see someone get hurt really bad? don't take this the wrong way, you shouldn't hurt yourself intentionally but do a stunt that you know could go wrong. Make sure you don't bleed, you don't want your video being flagged. These are known as "fails". They usually aren't planned and are caught on tape very rarlely but do make for a good viral video. Keep the cam still, have good lighting and do it outside. Hopefully you could get picked up by a TV shows such as, Attack of the Show or Tosh.0.

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