Sunday, August 26, 2012

App Review: Waking Mars for iPhone, iPod and iPad - Deep, original experience!

Waking mars was featured on the App stores "What's Hot" category. After reading the description and viewing the screen shots, I decided to buy and give it a try. First thing I noticed about the games was the story behind it. The story was the type brought you into a mystery in which you had to solve. The game starts with a few simple puzzles of sort that later on progress to more complex levels.

Most of the time you spend in this is involves collecting samples, occasionally you will encounter and action seen such as trying to escape from a collapsing cave. The experience you get in this game can be compared to games on the PS vita or the Nintendo 3DS. Waking Mars is defiantly and enjoyable and runs very smooth on the iPhone 4S and iPad 3.

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