Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gta 5 gameplay footage emerges (Video) - Analysis

New Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay has been leaked. The 2 videos of the gameplay are examples of the graphics and driving. The full game wont have any of these maps and will mostly be completely different then what you see here. No word on how the game play was leaked but it sure is impressive. Decide for yourself.

In this clip above you can see a van driving up a dirt road. The graphics look realistic with the added blur effect. The reflections on the car also refract from other light sources around the car. This is running at a solid 60 FPS while remaining stunning. The car features an all new shock engine. This allows the suspension to take action, making the driving experience feel more in control.

In the Second video, the map is still focused around same location, an island. The test vehicle is a blue convertible which handles the same way as the van from the first video. You can see the player driving the car who is most likely a test player and not the main character. The graphics are still looking great even better in the sunset scenario. more beta gameplay footage should be out soon, stay tuned.

New video released of shooting gameplay: http://adfoc.us/126812014625

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