Monday, August 13, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Review Xbox 360, PC, PS3 EXCLUSIVE

Think of this game as a arcade version of Grand Theft Auto. Nothing in this game is realistic looking and most things you do are over the top and exaggerated, that doesn't mean its not fun. The game takes you into a wild world of Hong Kong's underground gangs business. You are focused to kill, fight, and drive your way to justice. You play as a Hong Kong cop that decided to take on a lot of the cities worst criminals and gangs.

You meet a lot of interesting characters through the story and some are just useless. The most fun you will have in this game would be the car combat. Sticking your gun out of the window and shooting the tires of another car will cause it to explode or flip over. You can also let your partner drive the car while you shoot. This game has  a lot of gruesome scenes but barely any blood in the game play, that felt like a loss in shooting category.

Unlockables are a big part of this game. There are tons of outfits and weapons to unlock, a few may require DLC or pre ordered edition but that's nothing huge. You cant customize your characters facial features or hair in any way, you can just choose what clothes he can wear. Sleeping Dogs lacks of any multiplayer or local co-op. Square Enix gave it a try with this free roaming adventure, they did good, but not good enough.

I rate this game a 6/10

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