Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upcoming Games Using Euphoria Engine - BackBreaker 2, GTA 5, Star Wars Force Unleased 3

The Euphoria Engine is owned by NaturalMotion and was founded in 2006. You can find examples in games such as GTA 4 or Red Dead Redemption. The basic features of the Euphoria Engine feature physics controlled animations making games as realistic as possible. Rockstar Games is using this engine to its limits and does a great job with it, also getting great feedback, they are showing no signs of discontinuing. The upcoming games using Euphoria isn't a huge list since Natrual Motion is only working with very few game developers.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The new GTA will be defiantly be using the Euphoria engine. After all the great feedback Rockstar has been getting with Max Payne 3 and Red Dead. For Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar is planning t use the upgraded version of Euphoria which has a ton of improvements and collision fixes. Car crashes will also be using the Euphoria engine instead of the RAGE engine.

BackBreaker 2

Recently Natural Motion announce they will be releasing BackBreaker 2 in mid 2013. This will feature the same physics you loved in BackBreaker 1 with more animations that were missing in the first installment. BackBreaker 2 is promised to be more of a simulation game with more game modes and realistic stadiums, and is to compete with the Madden series.

Star Wars Force Unleashed 3

The release date for this game is still unannounced but rumored to be released in late 2013. Like the first 2 Star Wars Force Unleashed games that featured the Euphoria engine, The 3rd game wont disappoint. Many people only bought those games because of the euphoria engine making the game 10 times for fun than it originally was without the physics.

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