Monday, March 25, 2013

(TUTORIAL) New way to make Paypal money with your smartphone (instant cashouts) - App Trailers Alternative

Search for CheckPoints in the Appstore

This app allows you to get  instant PayPal money, for the points you earn. This is a better alternative to App Trailers or Bamboo Wallet

How it works:
You earn coins by playing games and watching app videos

Game 1) Scratch ticket: you pay 1 coin, scratch the card and try to get 3 matching animals. They don't have to be in a row. You can earn 20 points-150,000 points

Game 2) slots: you pay 1 coin, just like all slot games, you try to get 3 to match. This game is harder than the scratch ticket, but the prizes are better. You can earn 200 - 150,000 points.

The Rewards:
340 points- $1 PayPal cash
1,700 points- $5 PayPal cash
3,400points-$10 PayPal cash
8500 points-$25 PayPal cash
17,000 points- $50 PayPal cash
34,000 points- $100 PayPal cash
170,000 points- $100 PayPal cash

When you register, you will get 200 points and 5 free coins. You get an extra 150 points when you enter this bonus code: halfway

This app is available for any iDevice and Android

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