Thursday, July 18, 2013

Walking Dead 400 days will not be coming to Android because of PIRACY - Telltale Games

Android piracy is always a common phrase within the reach of developers. Many suffer with almost up to 90% percent piracy on Android. Developers sometimes decide its not worth making an Android port. Recently the game Walking Dead 400 Days was released on every single platform expect Android. Telltale games did the same thing with there previous Walking Dead game. iOS has the heart of many developers, but what is the problem with Android at the moment?

Recently Telltale Games, who developed the popular Walking Dead game franchise, told IGN this:

"[Apple] has a proven marketplace to directly sell to every connected user at the end of an iOS device, which means better predictability as a lead platform," Allison told IGN. "Android has made great strides with Google Play growing into the go-to marketplace for Android gamers, but it’s still an ecosystem of many stores and a little harder to know what to expect on a game-by-game basis."

"One of the many things that has kept Telltale from supporting the platform up to now is a critical mass of Android devices able to play our games in the market," adds Allison. "Most Android devices, those with the highest install base, are just not built to handle 3D gaming very efficiently."

For now, Android wont be getting any Telltale Games support. Hopefully Google can come up with a way to combat piracy and fix the fragmentation problem to help Android become the gaming platform it needs to be.

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