Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The problem with Android gaming

Something I just noticed with the Android version of Crazy Taxi. I purchased the game on both HTC One and iPhone 5. First time playing it was on HTC One, and I had a great experience, no complains, no lag. Then after playing it on the iPhone 5, I immediately noticed an extremely higher frame rate (fps).

I'm talking 30 fps on Android and 60 fps on iPhone. This isn't the only game that I noticed. Games like Modern Combat 4 and Nova 3 are missing effects and they still run a lot slower with a low fps on Android counterpart. 

Of course Android device these days have 10 times the power iOS Devices have but it's all about how you manage that power. Look at the PS3 and Xbox 360, developers like Rockstar were able to produce games like Red Dead Redemption and the upcoming GTA 5 with 10 year old hardware.

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