Sunday, July 27, 2014

GTA 5 was a next-gen game from the start

I somewhat have a suspicion that GTA 5 was originally built for the high-end systems anticipated in 2014, but was downscaled in features and graphics for PS3 and XBOX360 to start selling.

 Why do i think this way?
It's more easier to scale down the done features, than to develop new ones from the scratch or low-poly template. This would also save a lot of work. Before the official release, Rockstar was less bound by deadlines, than to this fall, so i guess they plan to say something like "you ain't seen nothing yet" to excite the crowd again and push up the sales.

This strategy they seem to follow, when they hadn't introduce vehicles and features from the start of GTAO, only to introduce them later bit by bit in the updates. What i'm trying to say, that Rockstar could done much more work before the release, than we saw in GTA 5 and all this we're bound to see in the PC version. I'm looking forward to it.

Credit to: Alvarez (GTAFORUMS)
GTA 5 was a next-gen game from the start

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