Monday, June 25, 2012

iPhone 5 rumors and announcement date

Apple's iPhone 4 and 4s are their highest selling mobile devices. There's no doubt apple thought about the iPhone 5. now that thought is reality. With the launch of the iPhone 4s, users were confused. Why wasn't there an iPhone 5?
the answers is simple. by apple releasing the iPhone 4s, consumers could only imagine how advanced the iPhone 5 will be. Apple doubles processor speeds of their devices every year, they raise camera mega pixels by double or maybe triple. screen resolution will over pass retina with a 10 times higher resolution.

The prototype of the iPhone 5 that was discovered, is the real thing. The iPhone screen will become larger and most of the other phone features will stay similar to the iPhone 4. Another button was added beside the home button we still do not know what that is meant for. Rumors say it is used for multitasking, some say it is used for phone calls. the rear camera will become a full 12 mega pixel cam with i sight, similar to actual cameras. the front camera will be a 5 mp cam and will no longer be VGA (that mean it's better).

The iPhone 5 will also have a built in a Skype app. The face time app will be removed. The rest of the ios is untouched except for Siri. The improvements done for Siri are phenomenal. you can speak to Siri now as if it was a real person. A new wifi extender was added and you are able to get twice as more distance than the previous iPhone.
This will also be the best WiFi on any mobile device ever created.

There is no word yet on the price of the iPhone 5. The announcement date will be in October 2012, only a couple months away. We are all waiting patiently and hoping for the best mobile device ever known to mankind. This will make history.

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