Monday, June 25, 2012

bullied bus monitor story has an even darker side

I know most of you have heard of the bullied bus monitor story. Her names Karen Klein and shes a 68 years old. While on a bus, monitoring the students for their safety. 3-4 students in a middle school in New York filmed themselves taunting and bullying Karen then decided it was funny enough to post it on Facebook.
The Facebook of the student who uploaded the video was not set to private so when someone stumbled upon it, they uploaded it on YouTube. The video soon started going viral over night with 100,000 views. Now it stands on a solid 5 million views and increasing dramatically. The man who uploaded the video also left a web page where you could donate an amount of money of your choice to Karen. Soon later the donation page had over $600,000 and is increasing daily. Karen is sure going her retirement!

Karen has appeared on several news station to speak about her incident, such as FOX, CNN, CBC. She went to talk about the kids on that bus and said that the 3 who were bullying her in the video are the class trouble makers. Karen decided not to press charges. In her words the kids are still kids and thinks they will mature and realize what they have done wrong. All boys were suspended from school.

The dark side of this story is something the news have never told anyone. The father of one of the boys refuses to let his son apologize to Karen because he thinks "Karen doesn't deserve it, she should of stood up for herself". The mother of this boy decided to hide from all media and the boy is still in hate of Karen. Many people have contacted the police about his father. The police had to say this "the boy and has family have been getting over 1000 text and voice mails threatening their lives." "There is nothing we can do about the students father, its his choice for what he wants best for his son. If he thinks this is the best option, then theirs nothing we can do."

Please support Karen Klein. Share this on Twitter and Facebook to make people more aware.

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