Monday, June 18, 2012

Eminem Currently Working On New Album And Movie - Interview With Eminem

When we sat down to have a talk with Eminem (Marshall Mathers) and his manager Paul Rosenberg, we discussed a lot of exclusive and interesting topic. We were very lucky to get a chance to interview Eminem, he seemed to be in a happy and funny mood. He was with his daughter before we met up with him, but she went off with her friends. Here is the whole interview.

ViralTNT: It`s great to finally meet you Eminem, so how are things holding up these days?

Eminem: Thing are good, enjoying the nice weather going by day by day.

ViralTNT: Cool, You have any releases planned for the summer. Lets talk big releases.

Eminem: Haha, what you wanna know? I got a few big release coming soon. 1 of them this summer and the next in October.

Paul Rosenberg: We can't really say much about the releases but 1 is a movie directed by James Cameron and the second surprise is the new album, which we are not releasing any info on just yet.

Eminem: But we can say that it isn't called Detox or any Dr.Dre related bull shit ha.

ViralTNT: Ok I respect that. So these are to big releases. I know you cant say much about your new album, but everyone wants to know if Slim Shady will be returning?

Eminem: Alright, I can say this almost 60 percent of the album is Slim Shady coming at you harder than ever. So ya slim will be back.

ViralTNT: Nice, awsome. Can you tell us who working with you on the album?

Eminem: Yea, the album has a total of 22 songs and will be the biggest and most unique album I have ever released. Just to name a few people I worked with. Dr.Dre, The Game, Tyler the creator and his crew Odd Future I guess is what they call themselves, A new rapper from Cali named Hopsin. Yall might not know him as much but i can guarantee hes on my level haha. Also i got a few singers, Rhianna again, Lady Gaga, and Skylar Grey, I love her.

ViralTNT: Alright Eminem, Its been an honor to meet you. Hope to see you again in the future!

Eminem: Thanks man, for sure we will kick it again.

Eminem headed for his drivers car and went back to his home. We got a lot of exclusive information today and we are waiting for that new album. Too bad we couldn't get any info on the new movie but im sure it will be good since it is being directed by the legendary James Cameron, the creator of Avatar and the upcoming Avatar 2 which is set to release in 2015. Real more about that HERE

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