Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Youtube Star: Dcigs

This week I decided we need to write about a Youtube star that deserved to be where he is. Other big youtubers are just stuck up, they won't even reply to comments or private messages. Dcigs or D'andre Siggers, or as we call him "Siggas" Changed everything in the youtube community and actually showed interaction with YouTubers. EVERY youtuber. He has created an empire on youtube with over 450,000 subscribers and growing by the thousands daily! Here is Dcigs Bio.

Dcigs (D'andre Siggers) was  born and raised in Huston, Texas where he  lived with his mother and 2 sisters. D'andre was raised by his single mother. Later on in his life when he was 5 years old, he was introduced to his new step dad. D'andre reported when he was about 10 or 11 years old he was molested by his step dad. He never talked about it until he moved with his grandma when he felt safe. The molestations continued by his uncle Kevin who molested his 1 sister and got her pregnant. Dcigs reported that Kevin went to prison for that.

I few years after D'andre moved in with his grandma, he started getting into trouble in school then decided to take the path of comedy and drop out of high school. His grandma was very supportive with his decisions and went along with it. When Siggas was 18 he moved out into an appartment that his grandma paid for. A lot of things in his family were making his life hard. Such as his mother dying, his sister turning lesbian she had incest sex with D'andre, and his Grandma Dying. These really impacted his life but he never gave up on his dreams of making us laugh.

On December 2010 Dcigs was getting bigger and bigger on Justin.tv and almost got featured on the front page every time he casted. A few ideas from his fans recommended he should upload the pranks he was doing live, and put those on YouTube. Dcigs got right that. Over several months of that, D'andre noticed how his subscribers and view were increasing dramatically. He decided to keep up the work and finally he got accepted into the Youtube Partnership Program. This changed his life. Realized he could make a living on YouTube.

He now has one of the biggest channel on YouTube for comedy and has 6 viral video that were featured on tons of TV shows. He worked his way up to the top and now in looking into stand up. Im sure it wont be too hard for him since he will never give up on his dreams. Dcigs, Siggers, Siggas, Dcigs, Whatever you want to call him he has inspired thousands to follow their dreams.

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