Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top 5 Goriest Video Games 2000-2012

The controversial gaming industry has been the main news for gamers for the past decade. Every time a good game is released, It seems like a group of individuals want to try and take it down. Video games do not poison your kids and if they do, remind them it's only a video game. Games such as the whole Grand Theft Auto series been through daily controversy, but still managed to fight through it. This list for the top 5 goriest games is dedicated to all the controversy starters...

5. Max Payne 3
This game might be a surprise since the first 2 were not that violent. Sure they had blood and a few cut scenes that were dark and gritty. For the third installment in Max Payne 3, The developers at Rockstar Games went to extreme limits to make this game gritty and dark. Putting holes through the head of your victims while watching them bleed out is only the least of things. Max Payne 3 is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

4. Grand Theft Auto 4
From the realistic game play to the open world city to explore. Many of us who played this game knew from the second of gameplay that it was one of the most realistic experience in any video, and still is to this day. You play as a simple Russian man trying to make his living in the city of Liberty. This game was released in 2007 by one of the biggest game Developers in the gaming industry, Rockstar. This was also the biggest launch in gaming history at the time. Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA4) is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

3. Splatterhouse (2010)
The original game was released in 1988 developed by Namco on arcades across the world. The game was one of the first of its kind to feature blood and gore. when this was released, kids around America saved money to buy this game. Remember this was before the ESRB was created. When this game started blowing up and parents seen what was going on in it, hell broke loose and the controversy started. Later on about 22 years later in fact, Namco decided to go back to their roots and give the fans what they wanted. The new Splatterhouse was released and blew minds into a millions of pieces. Splatterhouse is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

2. Overgrowth
Just because this game was developed by one person and in indie, doesn't mean it cant be better than most of the games on the markets these days. Overgrowth brings a whole new system to blood in video games. This is the only game and indie game to feature a full real time blood system. For example, if you stab someone with a spear in the stomach, they will drop blood down there body and onto the floor. You can also sneak up behind and enemy and slice their throat and watch as blood shoots out and turns maps into a blood bath. Overgrowth is only available on PC

1. Red Dead Redemption 
The number 1 most bloodiest and goriest game of all time. Red Dead Redemption. What more can you say about the developers of this game, Rockstar. The same people who created the GTA series and Max Payne series. Red Dead Redemption brings player into the gun slinging brutal wild west. There is no sugar coating this game and the realism it provides. Dead bodies will be laying in the same spot where they were killed for as long as you leave the game on.The euphoria engine makes for a realistic gun shot feeling every time. While shooting at enemies, you leave a gun shot wound or if you happen to shoot at their head, it will split open and bleed out on the floor. This game is defiantly a must buy. Not just because of the intense blood and gore, but the whole atmosphere and beauty of the scenery. Red Dead Redemption is available on Xbox 360, PS3.

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