Friday, June 22, 2012

Game Review: Red Dead Redemption

Have you ever wanted to roam the wild west as a gunslinger? Red Dead Redemption is the best game for you! this game is by far the best I have played all decade. First of all the game uses a mix of the euphoria physics engine plus the rage engine which make every gun shot look absolutely real. Every character in the game has his own personal thoughts, moods and anger towards the player. whether your a good citizen or a bad citizen depends on you. you can kill the bandits or join the bandits, you play the game however you like.
the story behind this game is excellent. the characters have emotions and you get hooked on them through out. there are many characters you will in counter all of them are enjoyable to listen to and interact with. you play as the main character John Marson a former outlaw who tries to leave his past behind.
The music in this game is outstanding it has very rich sound and a western feeling to it seems like the Developers known as Rockstar put a lot of effort in this because of its original soundtrack. the voice acting excellent and in the cut scenes all characters showed angry, sadness, and expressed themselves as they had to. this game is a must buy for all mature audiences!

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