Friday, June 29, 2012

Movie Review: "Nasty " The DVD - I am Impressed

Some may call them idiots, morons, retards and all of that may be true, but 1 things for sure, they're  definitely entertaining. I expected 1 thing when I bought this, laughter, and I was satisfied enough to give this hilarious movie another watch. Most people tell me this film is just like jackass. It's better.

The movie starts off with a Hilarius scene where the main character of the movie "Horse" (Zachary Gordon) gets tortured repeatedly In a duration of 4 minutes. The horse gets tasered, Maced, kicked in the nuts, and forced to wash his face in a small dirty puddle in the forest.

The cast include several people from other stunt groups such as We Play Crazy, Rico Roman from Arse Marks, and SPDST. Bam Margera was also featured in 1 scene kicking the horse's nuts!
A lot of the stunts in this DVD Will shock viewers and most of these Stunts have a high chance of critical injuries. There was a stunt in particular that was full of suspense, the horse and Money Mike decide to jump off a 30 hay stack while back flipping. Money Mike ends up with a broken foot. The horse provided comedy at a point in the movie where a serious injury occurred, while carrying mad mike to the car, the horse yells out " MY BABY BOY". that was a funny scene overall.

The whole movie had me on the edge of my seat and I'm sure it will do the same to anyone watching. "nasty 2" the DVD is currently in the making but for now I highly recommend you buy this DVD.
You can get this on The horses official store here:
Or buy the full movie on YouTube rental. Here is "The Horses" Official YouTube channel:

I rate this movie a 9.6/10

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