Friday, June 29, 2012

YouTube Star: Ray William Johnson (RWJ) - Biography

Ray William Johnson is a YouTube icon. With over 2 million subscribers this has made him the proud owner of the number 1 ranking on YouTube. If you don't know who Ray William Johnson is, then you must of never been on YouTube. Ray's views reached over 1 billion in 2011 and he is still going strong. Ray is making internet history, here is where it all started.

On 1982 Ray Johnson was born.Ray was born and raised in New York where His mother was a crack fiend and his dad was a Muslim alcoholic. Ray's mother, Theresa, was supposed to be a hooker from Chicago, but fortunately for Rays father, Muhammad, decided to rip off his condom and make Theresa have his kid. Theresa was a good looking female, Muhammad wanted a good looking kid. It didn't work out that well for him because Ray was slightly retarded at birth.

Theresa soon left Muhammad and he was left to take care of Ray himself. When Ray was 7, he saved up his allowance money and bought a camcorder from the 3 black guys down his street. At this time Ray's father was working as a male stripper in a gay bar close to his apartment. Ray went to a public school in the Bronx and was beaten up daily by people who thought he was a terrorist. One day for "show and tell" at school, ray brought one of his dad's turbans to school, the other kids decided to choke him and hang him from a flag pole. When Ray went to middle school, his dad was still working late hours in the gay bar. He also developed a reputation and the nickname "mohardick". When kids from Rays middle school found out about this, he was getting teased constantly. Ray and his father moved to Green Point New York.

In Green Point, Ray decided to start a new life and his dad gave up the life of a male stripper. His father also met an Asian hooker that he married a few weeks later. Ray went to a nice private school and was getting good grades. He later went on to high school and met a girl named Anne. Anne was the fattest and ugliest girl in high school. For some odd reason Ray was attracted to her. He fed her chicken wings and McDonalds. She would also share only a couple fries with ray, but he had no issue with that. His dad soon later got a job working as a telemarketer. Ray's new step mother was still a hooker and when  the internet was  public, her sales boosted. Ray's father, Muhammad Johnson, is now in prison for the murder of his wife.

When Ray graduated from high school, he had the whole house to himself and started getting hooked on the internet. As Ray was looking through his history, he discovered his dad was looking at bestiality porn and Mexican vomit fetishes. also there was one search history that shocked him, "dead bodies naked". Ray ignored that and started a YouTube account. He filmed himself reviewing other viral video and made that into an internet web show. Ray started getting popular. He was shocked to see that his 10 subscribers turned into 1000 and soon 10,000!

Ray was accepted into the YouTube Partnership program. Now Ray runs the biggest internet web show in history. He also has his own studio and crew. Ray William Johnson is an inspiration to all and puts a smile on our faces when we see his video in out sub boxes.

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