Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 5 Things to do this summer - Journey to the best summer ever.

5. Stay at home and play video games: What sounds more exiting, playing Grand Theft Auto in a virtual world or going outside where your open to real possibility of danger? How about playing some simulator games. Those take up hours and you end up learning more about what ever it is you simulated.

4. Browse Reddit: The front page of the internet, Reddit.com. Founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Lets thank them for getting us addicted to the internet. If you have any bit of spare time on your hands this summer, which you probably do, check out Reddit and set a timer for your stay.

3. Shark Fishing: Get your harpoons ready, we are going shark fishing. What could be more fun than risking your life to catch a shark. The reward can be great, eat it or mount it on your wall for "baller" status! Or you could just go regular fishing, but whats the fun in that...

2. Camping With Bears: Make sure you find a dense forest with tons of nature. Bears are the kind of animals that like to be alone. When they see you I'm sure they will give you a warm welcome. Also you might want to bring a rifle or some sort of trailer. A regular wont tent with sticks and cloth wont help you on this adventure. This can be great for photographers who love to get up and close to their shot.

1. Buy Everything: Do what ever you want to do this summer. If you see a new cell phone you like, buy it! how about that boat you always wanted? Buy that too. House? Car? Buy everything. Don't worry about the money, live life now and pay later. Now you will have summer you always dreamed of. Just follow this list, trust me.

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