Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watch Dogs Confirmed Features

Since E3, a lot of buzz was around the number 1 game preview at E3, Watch Dogs. Ubisoft set out to make a futuristic half modern version of assassins creed. From the impressive visuals to the original game style, we can all wish for this game to be released soon for all of us to enjoy.

Gadgets: Ubisoft came out to announce that Watch Dogs is packed with all sorts of fun little gadgets and over 40 to be in fact. They named a few of them, like the signal flasher. This device works in many ways with cell phones. Players will be able to mix calls with anyone they like, disable the phone, drop all calls, and even blow it up!
There is also a gadget that can send out to spy on others. Similar to a drone, this is a tiny robot fly that you can deploy through door cracks or air vents.

Free Roam: The location characters will be playing in is San Francisco. You are able to travel around to any location between missions. Ubisoft promised a few famous San Francisco landmarks that will be detailed with an interior design and included an missions. There will be over 100 side missions which is an incredible amount. No word on what type on missions yet. You will also be able to steal any car and shoot any civilian you find.

Main Character: You play as an Government Agent that is set out on a mission to battle cyber terrorist and hackers. He was greeted by the government after taking down 3 banks and stealing all money. To avoid Jail time, The main character embarks on a journey that he discovers is much more than just a few hackers.

Watch Dogs will be available on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. This has been confirmed.

That is all the info Ubisoft released so far soon we will have more info. Until then keep checking this blog for updates!
Watch Dogs Confirmed Features

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