Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Features the Wii U should have - Full Online Experience, Next Gen Graphics, Games For Hardcore Gamers, Wii U Backwards Compatibility

There are a few features we all want the upcoming Wii U to have. Most of these features may very well be included with the Wii U, others might not.  Please add your wishes for the new Wii U in the comments below.

Full Online Experience

The Wii never had a full online community. sure you could play online with some select games, but there was never a community that you could hop on the headset and talk to your friends. We hope for a huge improvement with the Wii U. If Nintendo could finally add some sort of friends list that is easily accessible like the PSN or Xbox Live, even Steam. there would be a huge increase in sales with that.

Next Gen Graphics
Nintendo needs to put the innovation part of there plans aside for a minute to focus on making the Wii U up to par with other console graphics. The graphics need to be a lot better than the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC because in a year or so when the New Xbox or PS4 comes out, the Wii U will have no chance of competing.

Games For Hardcore Gamers

Remember how the Wii had over 100,000 games that were complete garbage? There were only very few games that real gamers could play, such as Zelda: Twilight Princess, Red Steel, Super Mario Galaxy. The rest of the well known Wii games were made for children, Hardcore gamers would speed through them with no challenge at all. In the Wii U, there needs to be tons of games that appeal to all audiences or else Nintendo will lose in the competing market.

Wii U Backwards Compatibility

The Wii U needs at least 2 previous console backwards compatibly. The Wii will most likely be included but we wish the GameCube could be included again. Some people still just use there Wii to play GameCube games believe it or not. The Wii U should also have ports for GameCube controllers and a support for an NES controller to use the with virtual console games.

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