Monday, July 30, 2012 - Great site to promote yourself!

A couple of days ago I was introduced to a site called which is the best thing for people looking to get themselves out there. The main purpose of Empire Avenue is to collect "Eaves", a virtual currency that can be used for various things such as, Missions, upgrades for your profile, and investing into other members.

Empire Avenue is a social network stock market. You invest in other user and the more active you are online, the more "eaves" you get awarded. By staying active means to use twitter and Facebook or any other social networking sites that Empire Avenue allows.

This site is also really useful for starters of a blog or YouTube channel who are looking to get their name out there. Earn enough "eaves" and you will be able to use them as currency to create missions. Missions can involve doing anything from following you on twitter or subscribing to your YouTube channel, anything you can think of that involves social networking. Some people may be wondering why they cant find the create a mission tab in Empire Avenue. The answer is, you cant create a mission until your shares price is over 30 "eaves".

If you would like to keep in touch with me, please invest and visit my profile on here:

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