Monday, July 30, 2012

App Review: Autorap for iPhone

Autorap is one of those unique apps that you get every once in a while that you will use daily! This app is similar to "Songify" or "LaDiDa", the apps that auto tune your voice and create songs instantly. Autorap does it the best in my opinion. The app is really addictive, I was making great sounding music instantly and had tons of fun doing it. You can also share your created song with the world and listen to others.

Autorap was created by a company called Smule. They are the creators of other great music apps like "Ocarina" and the autotune app called "I am T-Pain". Smule is the best at bringing interaction into music. You will have fun with all their apps and defiantly find yourself getting lost in the music with Autorap. With over 20 diffrent beats plus in app purchases, you will love this app. This app is also available on the iPad and other devices such as Android.

I rate Autorap a 9/10.

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