Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free 3 months Xbox Live card (Worldwide) and $50 PSN Code - 40,000 hits Thank You Gift

I want to start off by thanking the small but awesome ViralTNT community who follow the blog and with that said, I am putting out a contest for anyone to win a 3 months Xbox Live Subscription code or $50 PSN code (US, EU, CAN). To qualify for the contest. Share this blog on Twitter or Facebook by clicking the buttons on the left. After that, comment below with the prize you want and your email. The winner will receive the prize on this up coming Friday! You will receive the codes via email.


  1. xbox live code! samdo5ers55@live.com

  2. 3 Months Xbox Live! AeonTSB@msn.com

  3. free 3 months xbox live card please. I dont give my email to the public it's a bad idea because of spam. You can contact me here http://www.kindredcone.com I guess that drastically redcues my chances of winning doesn't it.