Saturday, July 21, 2012

iPad 2 vs. Lenovo K1 Android Tablet - Why Android SUCKS!

I recently purchased an iPad and a K1 Lenovo android tablet. I was thinking to myself, why did i buy a android tablet? they are slow, they have no more than 10 good apps. the screen isn't as vibrant as the iPad's screen. There's really nothing on the android that the iPad cant do better.

The reason I bought an android tablet was because of all posts online about why android is better. Android is open sourced, which is why its so choppy. Creators of these tablets jam packed these devices with useless apps and tweaks that make the device run like garbage. I tried to use the Lenovo K1 android tablet for at least a week, I couldn't handle it anymore. It crashed 4 times and I had to restore the device 1 already.

When I opened up my new iPad 2, it was like a breath of fresh air. Everything seems so simple and well organized. It didnt feel like the device was used before like the K1 tablet. Ive never had a problem with the iPad 2 yet.

Ill give the Lenovo K1 android tablet a point though, the price is good for what you get. $340 Android tablet vs a $419 iPad 2. I was told that the Lenovo K1 android tablet had the same speeds and a 2 core dual processor with Nvidia. I was shocked to see that the iPad beat its performance by %60 when playing the game "Shawdowrun".

Nvidia has yet to impress me in its tablet gaming. I cant say that the Lenovo Tablet is all that bad, I just wouldn't recommend it to anyone that's looking to have fun on the device. I'm guessing this Android tablet is for people who need to read their emails on the go. If you are going to buy any sort of tablet, stick to the iPad for a better, more rich experience. I'm sure there will be much better Android tablets than the Lenovo K1 but for now Apple is winning this tablet game, just like they are doing with the iPhone.

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