Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weird News: Teen cuts off his own finger to show off - Yakuza

In Chicago, Illinois, a teen at a high school not far from the city decided to cut his own pinky off to make himself look like he was part of the notorious Hong Kong gang, the Yakuza.

The teen discovered that Yakuza members cut off their pinky to prove their loyalty in for the gang. He decided, to make himself look cool or tough, he would make himself look like a Yakuza member. He went home into his dads bedroom and found his switch blade. The teen cut the circulation off his hand before starting this procedure. Once the hand was a blue color, the teen went into the garage and started hacking at his finger.

The teen felt proud of himself and went to school the next day. His bone was jagged and sticking out of his finger and dry blood was all over his arms. The principle of the school asked him what happened he said "I joined the Yakuza". That's when the principle called the teens parents and when to the hospital to reattach his finger. It went successfully, the boy got his finger back.

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