Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rebecca Black Thinking Suicide - EXCLUSIVE

Who is Rebecca Black? She is a teenage girl who is the proud owner of the worst song in 2011. Rebecca was handed a recording deal from her parents who paid for the whole project. They shot a music video that was posted on Facebook. Over a couple of days the video had over 3 million views and grew ever since. Rebecca has released 4 songs since then. With over 300,000 dislikes, her music video "Friday" has ranked number 1 in the most hated video on YouTube charts

Last week Rebecca Black came out to say that she has been threatening suicide. She has been feeling depressed for the last couple of month. She says, "I started looking at alot of YouTube comments about me and I recently came across a website about me dying". The reason she wont release any other song is because of her depressed moods.

Hopefully Rebecca will not go through with this suicide and continue making music for the 27 fans she has. Until then I recommend everyone to go on twitter and be kind to her until her phase passes. Rebecca is a sweet girl who has a really bright future!

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