Monday, July 16, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg getting "fed up" with Facebook

Facebook has been booming in the business market. Advertisers are loving it and Mark took a big check home this month of 56 million dollars. This is the bright side of Facebook, the stuff you hear about in media and news sources. Have you heard about the dark side? Why mark Zuckerberg is starting to see down sides in Facebook as a whole?

Reports say Mark simply cant put up with the stress and fame. He has tried to live a normal life by buying a rather "small house" for his budget. Living in a suburban neighborhood isn't working out will for him. Occasionally people would come to the gates of his house and harass him and his wife. Now his home is a tourist location. Mark is starting to see a lot of down sides with his fortune. Rumors say, Mark will be moving to New Zealand or even Iceland to get away from his fame entrapment.

Marks wife reported that, Mark was have suicidal thought and spent a lot of night in fear of his safety. Mark has called police several times about harassment on his property. Many of his neighbors are getting fed up with the commotion around Zuckerbergs house. Complaints about constant "Partys" at Marks home have been reported. Thing are not going to well for Mark in his personal life.

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