Monday, July 16, 2012

Top 5 "Unknown" Eminem Songs - Eminem Songs you haven't heard before!

Here are 5 songs by Eminem you probably haven't heard of. They aren't main stream at all and not much people know about them. But damn, they are good. I will put the YouTube links to these songs below.

5. Stimulate - This song if from an album called "The Underground Collection" that was released in 2002. This song may possibly have the best instrumental used in any song by Eminem.

4. Hellbound -  In the first verse you can already tell the song will be great. Eminem killed the first verse with rapid fire word play. This song features J-Black And Masta Ace, who are also great rappers.

3. King Mathers - Eminem made this song just before he went to rehab for his addiction. The whole D12 crew is in this song and goes perfectly with hook, which Eminem is singing.

2. Word's Are Weapons - This song may have been one of the most underrated Eminem song of his whole career. If you can understand the meaning behind this song, kudos to you! Proof and Bizarre are also featured in this song. RIP Proof.

1. Love me - This is the number 1 unknown Eminem song. I wonder why. Have you heard of it? This is 1 one the best verses Eminem has ever spit. This track features 50 cent. There has been 100's of remixes of his verse but this is the original song.

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  1. "King Mathers" is incorrect, the video was a falsified one, it's actually "Slow Your Role" by D-12