Friday, July 20, 2012

"The Dark Knight Shooting" - Who is James Holmes?

I usually don't write about depressing stories like this, but this one, I need to get off my chest. A man walks into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado to watch "The Dark Knight: Rises", the big summer block buster. Over 50 people sitting down enjoying the movie and suddenly right before the credits roll, a man stands up with an automatic weapon and starts spraying the theater with bullets. 12 dead and 53 injured...

This sad, sickening 24 year old man has a name. James Holmes. The mad gun man, who is dead now. James Holmes has criminal records about carrying guns around with him before. No one thought anything of him. He looked normal enough, the gun was hidden in his baggy jeans. Eye witnesses reported James wearing a Batman mask when he stood up and started shooting.

The man in the projector room was able to escape. He says "Everyone thought it was an act for the movie, since it was the premier". We hope these families will recover from their loss. And for James Holmes, he can rot. My prayers go to the injured victims who just went to the movies to have a fun time.

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