Friday, July 20, 2012

Where is the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak?

Where is it? Why has Pod2g stop tweeting about it? Don't worry about it. I see a lot of people on twitter ranting and harassing Pod2g. I think its funny, he gets at least 25 tweets every 45 second. Some trusted sources say the Pod2g Is still working on the Apple TV 3 jailbreak but wont tweet until its fully finished.

Others say he doesn't care enough to work on  the Apple TV 3. Which i don't believe. Pod2g is always trying to help the community, remember he gave you guys a FREE jailbreak. I say he needs time. No one knows how much time, but all we can do is wait. As useless as it sound, bugging him on twitter wont help anyone either.

For now, just set up homesharing on your apple TV 3 and watch movies from your PC.
We are hoping for the release or at least a tweet by the end of august. I'm sure Pod2g will come through.

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