Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 and PS3 - What is this game?

There wasn't a lot of buzz around this game, nor was there a lot of advertising. Just a few trailers and an announcement. This is an open world game game similar to Grand Theft Auto. Very much like the game Chinatown Wars that was on the PSP, DS and iPhone. This looks like the 3D version of that. The game looks really nice and the graphics are similar to the game Crackdown.

Square Enix are developing this game. Which is kind of a shock to me. They usually develop RPG games or long story driven games, it wont be a surprise that this game might have an RPG element or a very detailed Upgrade system. A looting factor will also make this game very unique, but there is no word on anything yet even though its coming out in 2 weeks. Square Enix likes to keep games like these very secret then blow us away when it launches.

Sleeping Dogs is actually a sequel to the PS2 game "True Crime: New York". If you never heard of that game, its basically a Police version of GTA. You play as a cop instead of a gangster. In sleeping Dogs there might be a chance that the main character will be a cop. The original name for this game was "True Crime: Hong Kong". This was handed over to Square Enix and they changed the name to Sleeping Dogs.

The trailer for Sleeping Dogs is down below. I hope this game can live up to the past True Crime series. I will make a review about it when it comes out. This game will released in August 14 in North America.

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