Saturday, July 21, 2012

Youtube Stars: Smosh - Biography

Smosh was there since the beginning of YouTube. The started off by making little short sketches with friends and putting them on YouTube. Now, Smosh made a name for itself.. Lets take a journey through time and look at these two friends before YouTube came into their lives.

Ian Hecox was 9 years old when he first got his hands on his fathers old video camera. He was looking through tapes and found a video of his father pleasuring himself. At this point Ian thought nothing of it, he moved on. The next video was another video of his father. This time pleasuring a baby goat with his fingers. This is were Ian developed his sense of humor.

 In junior high, Ian joined the "Drama Squad", an acting class for boys. In this group, Ian would have to do plays for elderly folks on Fridays. For his first 5 plays Ian had to play a role as a tree. Ian dressed as a tree and stood there doing nothing.

Over a past few month Ian was able to take another role, this time a rock. He sat there for the play doing nothing again. Finally, Ian moved up to a main character role in the play. He was finally proud of himself. When Ian was in high school he met Anthony Padilla. Anthony was a depressed student until he met Ian. Anthony was also in a play in his previous school. They soon started making videos together, they loved it!

In 2005 YouTube was created. At the time Anthony made a website called where he put up all the skits they did. When Ian heard about YouTube, they both immediately decided to try it out. Ian invited Anthony over to his moms house. Ian turned on the cam, Anthony picked up an idea, and they began to lip synced the Pokemon them song.
Over a couple of days, their video went to the front page of YouTube and gained over 20,000 views. Which was a lot at that time. Youtube started going viral and became the number 1 place for online videos. Now Smosh has over 200 videos, 3 channels and their own studios and managers.

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