Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tips: How to take amazing pictures with an iPhone 4S

Recently, I have been taking stunning photos with the iPhone 4S. I'm really surprised with this quality coming form a mobile phone. Its almost comparable to a Cannon photography camera. There,s a few tricks that I can tell you, that will make your photos look amazing.

Tip 1 - Lighting:  The most important thing you need when taking pictures is light. If your outside on a sunny day, you will notice your picture look much more clearer and vibrant than if you were inside your home or a building.

Tip 2 - Volume Controls: The iPhone 4S has a feature that not much people know about. You can take photos like your holding an actual camera by pressing the volume buttons. This give much more stability when taking a picture, and feels much more natural.

Tip 3 - Focus: People don't know how to focus on the iPhone. They think that auto focus is doing all the work for you, its not. To get the clearest and most defined pictures you need to touch the part of the screen you want it to focus on.

These tips will help you get the most out of your iPhone 4S camera. The pictures you will be talking are going to look amazing if your patient and let the camera focus in on the object or scenery in your pictures. There are other camera apps in the app store that promise higher res and better quality pictures. Don't believe that, the best pictures are coming from the original camera app.

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