Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FIFA 13 Player Impact Engine - Huge Improvements

In FIFA 12, EA brought to us the new physics engine known as "Player Impact Engine".
This was a huge improvement to the FIFA series, but it wasn't perfect. It was just a start, but it had a lot of issues and needed to be fixed. Now that FIFA 13 is coming out soon, EA promised a lot of huge improvements and more realistic impact.

Glitching was a big issue with last years FIFA 12. When you would get tackled to the ground your player would immediately jump right up without any problems. In FIFA 13, if you are slide tackled in the leg, when the player stands up he will be limping and stumbling until he regains enough strength to run normally again.

You will also be able to attack the referee in this FIFA. Though it is useless, a few people will try it for the fun of it, of course its a free ticket to a red card.
EA promised that all limps in FIFA 13 are included in the new impact engine, including finger that can poke into a players eye.

There is new cloth physics in the jerseys of the players. You are able to pull on players shirt. If you choose to have a high wind level weather, players jerseys wave in the wind to give the game an extremely realistic look.

FIFA 13 is set to release on the 25th of September on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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