Friday, August 3, 2012

Human Immortality Just A Few Years Away - Dmitry Itskov

Dmitry Itskov is taking a step into the future. His plans are to make humans imorrtall publicly by the year 2045. The first attempt to try this will happen in about 7 years and will include a well know celebrity that is on his or hers death bed, meaning that they are old and have limited time on the earth. Dmitry Itskov believes this can be done with neuroscience, cybernets, and robotics. His goal is to make humans live withing a virtual world and have full conciuseness and controllable body.

Of course this cant be done without money, Dmitry Itskov invested close to 1 billion dollars and is fully committed to his work. The robotics organization known as DARPA decided to work along side with him for robotics research. Dmitry Itskov is now asking for more money to found this project since it isn't cheap, he is hoping for the richest people to step in.

Here are the goals Dmitry Itskov wants to go by,

2015 - 2020: A robotic copy of the human body remotely controlled via BCI

2020 - 2025: An avatar in which a human brain is transplanted at the end of ones life

2030 - 2035: An avatar with an artificial brain in which a human personality is transferred at the end of ones life

2040 - 2045: A hologram like avatar

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