Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Origins of Sagging Your Pants - The Full Story

Rumors about sagging pants have been past down a lot. You might hear people say the prisoners used to sag their pants down because they wanted to have intercourse with other inmates. Others say in the slave days, the slaves were often whipped in which their pants would fall down, after a while they were tired of pulling their pants back up. There's only one real story based on facts, you might be surprised.

Back in the 1950's, In prisons around America, prisoners were treated a lot like slaves. To this day prisoners are still treated some what like slaves but it has defiantly become more civilized in prisons than 50 years ago. Through the prisoners sentence, over time they would get new accessory such as a hair comb or a radio in their cell, that's if they were behaving. If not, prisoners would get punished either by physical abuse or mental abuse by having the prisoners tossed in a dark cell in the ground for weeks on end. In some cases, prisoners would lose their belts forcing them to constantly pull their pants up which caused a lot of hassle when doing yard work labor.

When prisoners were finally released from prison, they brought the sagging of the pants fad to the streets. from there it originated into suburban neighborhoods and started getting really popular around the 1990's.

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