Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Backbreaker Physics VS NFL Madden 13 physics/ Euphoria VS Infinity Engine

This years NFL madden game introduced a new feature, real time physics. This is made possible by the new infinite engine. Backbreaker was released back in 2010 and featured some of the best physics in any sports game. The physics in Backbreaker were done with the support of Natural Motion's Euphoria engine.

Tackle Physics

Madden 13: At first glance, when a tackle takes place you can notice the physics in action. However, these physics aren't mind blowing and seem flawed in many ways. Madden 13 seems to mix animations in with the physics, making the tackles seem buggy at times. If you decide to create a player and he happens to be a bit to tall or small, expect to see the physics glitch out causing to make an unfair play.

Backbreaker: Euphoria engine is known for provide a physics engine to highly rated games such as Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto 4 and the upcoming GTA 5. Backbreaker provides high quality and natural tackles with it's physics. Unlike Madden 13, Backbreaker offers the ability to strategically plan your tackles creating realism.

Ball Physics

Madden 13: In madden the ball is handled well with the physics. In an interception the ball will slam to the ground giving a chance for anybody to catch the fumble. THe lack of bounce is a flaw in a football game. Overall the ball physics work well and fluidly.

Backbreaker: The ball works with the same physics as it does in tackles. The gameplay is fair and makes for realistic fumbles and interception.

I would say the winner in the physics comparison would be Backbreaker. I'm sure maddens physics will evolve into something greater than Backbreaker's physics for the ultimate Football experience. We will have to wait until NFL Madden 14 to judge the evolution of physics.

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